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Human Resource Management Service

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Our Responsibilities

The Human Resource Management Service performs the following specialist tasks related to HR management in ministries, special organisations, services of the Government and support services of administrative districts:

1. We advertise internal job competitions to fill executorial posts and internal and public job competitions to fill appointed posts in public administration bodies and we ensure proper conduct of the procedures;

2. We prepare a proposal of the HR Plan for the Government and ensure proper implementation of the adopted HR Plan;

3. We provide opinions about internal organisation and staffing table rulebooks in public administration bodies;

4. We provide specialist assistance to public administration bodies concerning HR management and internal organisation;

5. We administer the Central HR Registry on civil servants and employees in public administration bodies;

6. We keep records of the internal labour market in public administration bodies, help civil servants with their transfer and work in project groups and help the bodies in solving their staffing needs;

7. We prepare a proposal of the civil servants` General Professional Training Programme for the Government and we organise professional training in accordance with the adopted programme;

8. We perform specialist, technical and administrative tasks for the High Civil Service Council and the Government Appeals Board and we ensure preconditions and resources for their work.

The Service also performs other tasks important for HR management.