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About us

The role of the Human Resource Management Service is to provide continuous support to the public administration reform in accordance with the principles of professionalisation, depoliticisation, rationalisation and modernisation laid down by the Public Administration Reform Strategy, as well as to ensure the application and further development of established standards and procedures in the processes that make up Human Potential Management.

The Human Resource Management Service is a service of the Government established in late 2005. Its role is to support the public administration reform guided by basic principles contained in the Strategy adopted by the Government in 2004.

The Service does not make decisions about public administration staff - it creates conditions for the development of a professional public administration capable of responding to the challenges it meets. Since its establishment, the Service has been led by a single goal - to be a modern service and bearer of changes in the area of Human Potential Management. Creating conditions for efficient HR selection by applying the merit criterion, for proper decision-making about promotion on the basis of performance, for continuing professional development and career development of civil servants - are some of our most important tasks.