Government of the Repubic of Serbia

Human Resource Management Service

Professional Training

Contemporary theory and practice of human resource management pay a lot of attention to the concept of permanent professional development of employees. Since training is the most important investment in employees, the Professional Training Centre strives to respond to the challenges of modern trends in human resource management in the area of education and also to complex processes in the professionalisation of public administration. We believe that we can meet objectives only in a systematic and well-planned manner and our activities are aimed at:

Training needs analysis, on the basis of which topics and relevant subject matter of future training events are identified
Planning and programming of general professional training, which serve to further operationalise thematic, methodological and financial aspects of planned training events
Organisation and implementation, whose aim is comprehensive and thorough preparation and implementation of the General Professional Training Programme for civil servants
Evaluation, which provides us with feedback on the quality of various aspects of delivered training events and their impact on everyday work of civil servants, and reporting, which makes the information transparent and available to the public.


Relying on a principle governing the work of civil servants that professional development is a basic right and duty of public administration staff and guided by the ambition to make training relevant in terms of its content and attractive in terms of its methodology, we make every effort so civil servants could develop their potentials and perfect their knowledge and skills, which is how we all contribute to the development of a professional, competent and modern public administration.