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Internal Labour Market

Internal Labour Market

The Human Resource Management Service also keeps records of the internal labour market for public administration bodies and services of the Government (Article 163(1) of the Civil Servants Act). The internal labour market records contain information about vacant posts, other staffing needs, civil servants who want a permanent or temporary transfer to another post, as well as information about unassigned civil servants (Article 163(2)). The internal labour market should serve both public administration bodies and civil servants. Each civil servant is entitled to get all information contained in the internal labour market records (Article 163(4)).

Apart from vacant posts in internal and public job competitions, we are going to post information about professional qualifications of civil servants wishing a permanent or temporary transfer or of those who are unassigned on the website of the Service. The information will be posted without giving the first name and surname of civil servants. The intention is to make internal labour market information available to HR units of administrative bodies with vacant posts.